Brett St. Germain Dennis


Composition/Theory/Songwriting, Voice, Guitar, Audio Engineering, Mixing & Mastering.

Brett St Germain started the pursuit of “music as career” at the age of 9. As a young teenager he started performing professionally, and studied music theory on the collegiate level. He Has received a Bachelors of Music (Composition) and has written nearly 3,000 works to date. Compositions range to any genre, and excluding Antarctica, his music has been heard on every continent.

Brett St Germain started teaching music in 1990. He believes there are only two ways to become an original voice on this planet, 1. You can be born in a box, never to have human contact, interaction, or experience, then, emerge from the box at an age when your brain is fully developed, and produce Music as you know it to be, or 2. Learn everything you can about every aspect of music (every culture, every genre, technique, etc) and then combine all of that knowledge to one’s creations..

Live performance is the heart of Brett’s career, and he performs 275+ times per year. Brett currently performs solo voice, and backs himself with his 6 String Orchestra. As a composer, Brett has scored 1 Feature Length Film, 7 short films, 5 music videos, and in 2016 had two new works commissioned for public performance.

To the dedicated student, Brett teaches music, both performance and theory, and he is excited to be a part of ESTEAM Learning Lab, and to help influence and shape young up and coming Artist.

You can learn more and Brett by visiting is sites: as well as