Angela Bennett


Angela Bennett is a member of The ACTORS EQUITY and SAG – AFTRA. She has over 15 years of experience as an actress. Some of her stage performances include Night Mother, Crimes of the Heart, Bee-Luther-Hatchee, The Miracle Worker, In Preparation of Eden, In the Blood and Spell #7. She has won ATAC Awards for her roles in Spell #7 for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama; and for her role in, In the Blood for Lead Actress in a Drama.

Some of her TV credits include Friday Night Lights, ER, Sisters in Spirit 2 and The MC Hammer Story. Some of her film credits include Facade, Between Kings and Queens, Glass of Water, and Road 2 Damascus. She has Improv training from the groundlings in Los Angeles, and years of commercial and film training from teachers in Los Angeles and Texas. Her most recent credits include a Nike national commercial, and a SAG-AFTRA short film called Blind Date Rules. She was also co-writer and co-producer on this film. She is currently enrolled at Austin Community College in the RTF program.