How to Edit Video with DaVinci Resolve

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Course Designed by: Myndin D.

Age Group: 13 – 18

  • Overview

In this Course you learned how to create content through OBS and how to edit your videos using DaVinci Resolve. You learn different types of content and what your fan base is headed for depending on your content.

  • What you will learn

In this course you will learn how to get content through OBS and how to edit all of your content together or apart with DaVinci Resolve. You will learn what demonitization is and how it can affect you, different types of fan bases which correspond to your content.

  • Goal Of this Course

The goal of this course is to teach you how to edit videos and record content with OBS.

  • Materials

Intro: What am I doing?


Editing is a type of process that goes into any video for final touches or added effects. Editing usually goes at the end of every production and is known as Post Production.


Post production usually takes a very long time and if you are not like me and you know, have a life, you don’t have time to record, do lighting, camera work, set production, and everything else that goes into a video PLUS editing, so it’s best if you decide to just edit and do commissions which can earn you some money.

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Cheryl Snow
Posted 1 year ago
Really Struggled

I have no experience with video editing, so I had a very difficult time following along. Since this is a technical course, a list of instructions would have been easier to follow, plus tutorial videos showing me what to do, as well as showing me examples. The audience for this would have to be younger than 15. It really was a good base outline for a course, but had so much more potential.

Hannah Bauman
Posted 1 year ago

It's hard to really give any pros. I honestly, was just disappointed. I thought I'd get more out of this course. It doesn't engage the audience. I would expect videos for a video editing course. There weren't many clear instructions either. It was like this was your rough outline and you really didn't do a script or any actual assets. I really wish I could have given it a better rating.

Lyrienne Vaughan
Posted 1 year ago
Pretty good!

This course has a lot of good information to help get you started but there's not many examples or steps to walk you through the actual process of editing a video. Overall, it's a pretty good course if you're new to editing.

Stephen Snow
Posted 1 year ago
Let Down

The reason I gave the course 1 star was because the course wasn't helpful and I didn't learn what I came to learn. The whole course had only a couple very short paragraphs of how to edit videos. It was difficult to understand because it was unclear and not descriptive. With more effort this course could have been great but it really seemed like he didn't know what he was making a course about.

Sam Shuttles
Posted 1 year ago
Great Course!

Warm: Super helpful and easy to follow, didn't really help me learn anything as I already knew what to do but it was fun to take! Cool: Definitely could've incorporated either videos or audio, that would've helped me understand more.

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