How To Ride A Horse in 2020

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Course Designed by: Sam S

Age Group: 10+ For those who own a horse and wish to own a horse.

Intro: Throughout this online course you will learn how to ride a horse and the skills you must know to rise throughout your horse riding adventure. I personally think horse riding is a big thing in the community and a lot of people wish that they could learn how to ride a horse. I will be taking you through the steps on how to ride a horse, which include:

  • Tacking
  • Getting On
  • Riding
  • Advanced Riding
  • Proper Care After Riding

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Cheryl Snow
Posted 1 year ago
Needed More

Great organization & topics, it just seemed too short. I think if more content were added, then it could have been really good. I could not figure out the Kahoot Quizzes, so perhaps change that up a bit as well.

Lyrienne Vaughan
Posted 1 year ago
Pretty good!

There was a lot of great info in this course but it could have been longer.

Stephen Snow
Posted 1 year ago
Bland, Stale, Yet Informative.

Great course! Definitely recommend to people that are interested in things like this. I personally wasn't interested in the topic and your videos were very boring and monotone. It had lots of valuable information but nothing caught my interest and your monotone voice definitely made it boring to watch. Other than that it was great, very informative.

Hannah Bauman
Posted 1 year ago
Good Info! Confusing for Beginners

Great Job working on this! I could tell you really had the knowledge to make this course. A critique for this course though is that the challenges are hard to follow. Very simple instructions but this Kahoot Quiz isn't a quiz? I would suggest using something like a google form/quiz instead. I also had a struggle figuring out what item was what. I would have a lesson about what each item is.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!