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Brief introduction:

Oceanography applies chemistry, geology, meteorology, biology, and other branches of science to the study of the ocean. It is especially important today as climate change, pollution, and other factors are threatening the ocean and its marine life. This course will cover the layers of the ocean, the different types of sediment, the tectonic plates on the ocean floor along with divergent, convergent and transform boundaries, composition of seawater and the sources of salt, and topographic features of the ocean.

Name of Class: All about our oceans
By: Lyrienne V
Age of Students who can take course: 10-13

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Owen Plog
Posted 1 year ago
it was very good

I liked how much information there is.

Myndin Durban
Posted 1 year ago
Great Course

Fun to do, Easy to understand and overall very informative and information giving, maybe have a bit better formatting but besides that its really good/

Cheryl Snow
Posted 1 year ago
Really Enjoyed This!

There was such a great combination of written content, videos, links & hands on tasks, that it kept me engaged. The request for sketches & other tasks is a great way to connect. Good detail and organization!

Stephen Snow
Posted 1 year ago
Really Great!

Amazing course that was very informative and engaging. Great challenges and activities! Would highly recommend.

Hannah Bauman
Posted 1 year ago
Very Fun! Enjoyable.

I really enjoyed this course! Super Fun and engaging. Your video choices where fun! This course seems to target a younger audience. Only thing is to format the lessons better. It was hard to understand and read the challenges. Such as the one for the ocean layers. Probably set up as: Step 1. Step 2. Even photos would greatly improve it. It really gave me the struggle to move forward.

tullia wiley
Posted 1 year ago
Very interesting and informative

The course was very informative, very easy to understand. I got a little bit distracted during the sediments part, because the words were too difficult for me. Other than that, it seemed pretty clear overall. The most interesting thing was about invasive and evasive rocks. Brian, 9

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!