Forensic Science

Summer Camps & After School Classes

Ages: 9-14

Min per Class: 6
Max per Class: 16

Forensic Science


This fun, interactive, project-oriented forensic science course is designed to engage students in this truly fascinating area of science!

In Forensics Lab, campers will learn about investigative techniques and use chemistry, molecular biology and physics to explore mysteries throughout the week. 

They’ll learn how forensic experts use science to discover the hidden clues left behind at crime scenes and how that helps investigators solve difficult cases. 

Jr. Detectives will become immersed in roles as crime scene investigators as they work together examining and analyzing evidence needed to solve the mystery of WHO DID IT!


Skills Developed

  • Creative Thinking  & Problem Solving Skills
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Basic Scientific Principals
  • Cause and Effect
  • Attention to Detail


Our student's work...

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