Hello World Travelers! Continuing our adventures, we will be trekking across the land! Today we will be learning about the history, geography, and culture of Asia!

Today’s Challenges:

  • Understand the basic geography of Asia!
  • Understand the basic history of Asia!
  • Get to know the general culture of Asia!
  • Make some crafts and food from these different countries!

Want to re-watch some videos?

Earn your points!

15 Points Craft: Oriental Paper Fans

15 Points Recipe: Chinese Egg Cake

20 Points Teach: Take your favorite thing you learned about Asia (could be the craft, a video we watched, the recipe you made), and teach someone else in your household about it! Once you are done teaching that person – have them sign off on the worksheet!!

Looking Forward to Tomorrow: Tomorrow we will be going south to Africa! Get ready to learn about African culture! Africans have a deep, rich, and lively culture! See you tomorrow!