Lesson 1 | Intro to Comic Book
Lesson 2 | Tools
Lesson 3 | Character Creation
Lesson 4 | Learning The Parts of The Comic Book
Lesson 5 | Story Thumbnails and Outline
Lesson 6 | Drawing your Comic - The Inside
Lesson 7 | Drawing your Comic- Continued

Developing Your Characters

Hello Creators! Welcome back to our Comic Book Creation Course!


  • Develop our characters
  • Heroes and Villains

For today we will be discussing what makes our characters exciting. Here are some things to think about…

  • What are your comic book character’s names?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do they have superpowers?
  • How did they get these powers?
  • What would cancel out their powers?
  • What do they look like? Do they wear a costume?

If your hero can start a fire, then you’re villain should have the power to easily extinguish the fire with wind, water, or perhaps covering it up.

On the backside of the character sheet, write down the Beginning, Middle, and End of your story. Sometimes it helps to start at the end and work your way to the beginning. A good story will have obstacles your hero must work hard to overcome.