Hello U-Tubers! We are excited to continue our journey into the world of YouTube! In the last Lesson, we filmed our first video’s content, and now we get to edit!

What to expect from this lesson: We will discuss how to edit our videos so they are interesting and easy to understand!


  • Grasp the basics of editing
  • Begin editing your video
  • Add sound effects or music

What is editing?

Editing is the process of taking all of the short clips we shot and putting them together. When we edit, we want to have a certain flow and pacing. Sometimes we may only need a few seconds or even a few frames of a shot to make it work in the sequence.

Gather all your footage on your hard drive and organize it by category. You may want to put all your scene locations together in one folder, or perhaps break the footage up into sections such as Beginning, Middle, and End. This will help when we edit with our selected software.

What software should I use?

The software I recommend is whatever software you have access to.

If you do not own a paid version, then I would recommend downloading Da Vinci Resolve. It is free software that runs on both PC and MAC computers and is compatible with both.

However; you may need a fast and powerful computer to run it, so keep that in mind before going too far. Perhaps do a quick test with the software before diving in too deep. You’ll need to create an account first in order to download the installation file, but it’s totally worth it.

If you are ready to jump into more features of Da Vinci, watch the video below for an introduction to the basic features.

Other software you can use are Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Sony Vegas, and many more. There are even apps you can download to your iPad, iPhone, Android and Tablets. YouTube itself even has a very simple editor but It’s mostly used for making small cuts to your videos once they have been uploaded.

Again, the best software is whatever is available to you at the time. You can even find a few apps on your phone. I’ve even used Google Photos to edit a very small clip so anything is possible.

Adding Audio and Sound FX

Now that you have your video ready. Does your video have sound FX? Does it fade, swoosh, beep, or blip? Do you need to add some extra oomph to your video by adding that little touch of sound? If so, this is where you can add it.

Does your project need music? Try to make the music style match your project but don’t let it overpower the audio. Remember, if we cannot hear you, we cannot hear what you are saying.


Today we will edit the content we filmed yesterday into an exciting video!