Emotions In Acting

Hello Actors! Welcome to our Acting 101 Summer Camp! Yesterday we dipped our toes into some acting basics and ways we can practice our acting. Today we will be learning about different emotions and how we display them in our acting.

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What to expect on Zoom: Every day we will work on scenes and techniques that we will perform during our last class together. Today we’ll look at how our bodies and faces react when we feel different emotions like anger, sadness, joy, and nervousness. Then we’ll do some activities that help us practice.


  • Recognize different emotions in others, whether on stage or in your regular life.
  • Describe how your own body feels when you are having different types of feelings or portraying different types of characters.
  • Utilize this knowledge to better perform in scenes and shows.

Today’s Challenge

Today we will be working on how to best show our emotions in acting! Check out these challenges to find out how you can earn your points today!

  • Practice different characters or emotions and perform at the beginning of class tomorrow . For every character or emotion that your classmates guess correctly, you get 2 points!
  • Pay attention to your family today. If you come back with a story about how you recognized a family member’s emotions (without them telling you- just by observation) and it helped you interact with them, you get 10 points!

Example story: “I was playing with my little sister and noticed her frown when I grabbed her doll. I handed her back her doll, and she immediately smiled again. We got to keep playing instead of getting into a fight!”

Preparing for Tomorrow

We hope you had a great day! Here’s a sneak peak of what we will be learning tomorrow: We will get some fun scenes and get to know the characters in them.