Get To Know Your Kit

Hello Engineers! Welcome to our Virtual Robotics Summer Camp! Here we will be learning the basics of engineering and coding, so we can use these skills in our near future! Today we will be getting to know our course, fellow students, and our kit!

Under the Materials tab on our main course page, there are links to download the NXT or EV3 Programming Software! There is also a link to download a Virtual Robotics Toolkit, where you can build a program a virtual robot without the need of a physical kit!

What to expect on Zoom: Today we will be introducing the course and how to access all our awesome online resources! We will be taking a look at our kit and getting to know some of the basic components in order to begin engineering our robot!


  • Understand LearnDash course
  • Understand our kits
  • Begin first robot build

Today’s Challenge

Today we will begin building our robot!

FYI… Throughout this course we will do lots of hands-on learning, at your own pace! Because of that, some students might find they need more time to get the most out of building their robot and learning how to code it! Don’t feel bad if you end up taking more time to build and program! Work at the pace that is most comfortable for you, so you can learn the most, not just be the first person done building!

Preparing for Tomorrow

We hope you had a great day! Here’s a sneak peak of what we will be learning tomorrow: We will be finishing up our robots and checking in with the class!