Intro To Acting

Hello Actors! Welcome to our Acting 101 Summer Camp! Here we will be learning the basics of acting so we can move on to become great actors and actresses! Today we will be getting to know our fellow actors as well as learn some basic stretches and techniques to improve our acting abilities!

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What to expect on Zoom: This week we will be learning all about our new online course and how it functions, as well as how to use our voice and body to tell stories. Every day we will work on scenes and techniques that we will perform during our last class together. As for our voices and bodies, this week we will be learning techniques that help actors use their voice loud and clear for their audiences. We’ll also be working on some stretches that help our bodies perform for different characters.


  • Know and say several tricky tongue twisters, as well as understand how our voice works with these tricky phrases.
  • Understand how our breath supports our voice and use it more efficiently.
  • Know and perform several stretches that help your body warm up for acting.

Today’s Challenge

Today we will be working on Tongue Twisters and Body Stretches! Today’s challenges are…

  • Each tongue twister that you successfully perform, clearly and without hesitation or stumbling, during our Zoom meeting next week, you get 2 points! *BONUS* Creating your own tongue twister and performing it without hesitation or stumbling gets you 5 points!
  • Being brave and doing one well supported siren will also earn 2 points.
  • Finally, demonstrating your favorite stretch (either from this class or somewhere else!) earns 5 points.

Preparing for Tomorrow

We hope you had a great day! Here’s a sneak peak of what we will be learning tomorrow: We will be looking at different types of characters and emotions and will learn how to better portray them!