Let’s Get Started!

Hello Movie Makers! We are happy to start off on our journey into LEGO® Animation! For our beginner class we will be learning about the basics of Stop Motion Animation: frame rate, scene development, filming expectations, and how to maintain a high standard of excellence!

Under the Materials tab on the main Course Page, there are instructions on how to use the Stop Motion Studio app! Check that out if you need a refresher on how to use the app!

What to expect on Zoom: We will introduce the course, how to access the information, and explain our daily challenges! Today we will go through the standards of excellence and introduce our first challenge – Moving a Brick (it’s more fun than it sounds!!!)


  • Understand what Stop Motion is and how it works
  • Understand the Stop Motion app and the main components
  • Set up your LEGO® Animation Filming Area and scene
  • Complete your first LEGO® movie!

So… what is Stop Motion Animation?

Wow! Isn’t that cool! Some of our favorite movies are made entirely from Stop Motion Animation, and now you get to do the same thing!

Standards of Excellence

  • 7 – 9 Frames per second
  • Save your Movie:        Your Movie Name  by___________________
  • Small Movements
  • Smooth movements
  • Opening Title
  • Closing Credits
  • Minimum Frames: 75

Challenge 1: Move A Brick

Create a stop-motion movie of a brick moving smoothly across the table.

Your Lego Brick can have obstacles in its way that it can jump over.

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