Lesson | Week 2


First 5-10 Minutes:

  1. Names of parts, string numbers, and string names
    • How to hold the guitar
    • How to strum guitar with fingers (bridge hand)
    • How to press the fretboard hand in order to make a sound
    • How to tune the guitar
    • Talk about Calluses
    • How is it going?
  2. Do we need a refresher on how to build calluses? 
  3. Q & A

Next 10-15 Minutes:

  1. Learn a two string melody
    • 4 Finger Box Rule
    • Speak of Right Hand Finger Plucking
      • Which fingers are utilizing which strings
    • Make Staff Paper
    • Q & A

Nest 10-15 Minutes:

  1. Practice the Two String Melody
    • Let the student take the time to practice the melody multiple times in a row.  
    • Note Finger placement, positioning etc and speak on it.
    • Look at Legato Vs Staccato 
    • Speak on speed of rehearsal 

2. Learn Am Chord and E Chord Finger Placement

3. Q & A

Nest 15-20 Minutes

  1. Look at the song(s) the Heroes requested to learn.
    • Speak on how to transfer what you hear to what you play.
      • Find the Key, Bass Notes, Etc
  2. Tools needed for this exercise
    • Guitar
    • An audio version of the song one wishes to learn
    • Piece of Blank Paper
    • A Ruler
    • A Sharp Pencil 
  3. Learn to Notate what you play.
    • Write it down. 
  4. Q & A