Lesson | Week 3


First 5-10 Minutes:

  1. How to hold the guitar
  2. How to tune the guitar
  3. Talk about Calluses
    • How is it going?
    • Do we need a refresher on how to build calluses?
  4. Q & A

Next 10-15 Minutes:

  1. Learn a three string melody
    • Talk about Fretboard Finger Position and Placement
    • 4 Finger Box Rule
    • Speak of Right Hand Finger Plucking
    • Which fingers are utilizing which strings
  2. Q & A

Next 10-15 Minutes:

  1. Practice the One, Two, & Three String Melody
    • Let the student take the time to practice the melodies multiple times in a row
    • Note Finger placement, positioning etc and speak on it.
    • Look at Legato Vs Staccato
    • Speak on speed of rehearsal 
  2. Now see if they can (over zoom or skype) play together.  If they can hear each other, then have them play the three different melodies simultaneously to see how it sounds.
    • They have (possibly) received their first lesson in “Counterpoint”, and possibly counting/ensemble work. 
  3. Learn C Chord and G Chord Finger Placement
  4. Q & A

Nest 15-20 Minutes

  1. Look at the song(s) the Heroes requested to learn.  
    • Speak on how to transfer what you hear to what you play
      • Find the Key, Bass Notes, Etc
      • Tools needed for this exercise
        • Ears, Pencil, Paper, Ruler, Instrument, Song Source to Listen too
    • Write down the notes and chords that you hear
    • Q & A