Let’s Film!

Hello U-Tubers! We are excited to continue our journey into the world of YouTube! Yesterday we decided on our content and posted a “trial” video! Today we will be breaking down our first official video and working on filming it!

What to expect from this Lesson: We will discuss how to break down our video and set up our space so we are ready to film!


  • Create an outline for your first video
  • Set up your work space
  • Start filming!

Creating an Outline

You need to ask yourself, “How many videos am I going to need to get my point across?” Is it 1? Or is it a series of 10 videos? If its more than one video, one tool to use is Outline. Step outline what will happen in each video and think about the length.

Is your video short? (2-3 minutes) or Long? (15-20 minutes)

Will you have an intro? Or outro? Will your videos end on a cliff hanger?

Planning your video. What’s it about? Who is your audience? Consider who will be watching your videos and target that age range.

Setting up your work space

Find a quiet place in your house with plenty of room. Set the camera up, turn on your lights, and hit record. Don’t worry if you don’t nail it on the first try.

Record your Intro, your Outro, b-roll shots, etc.

More Tips

There are endless topics that can be discussed when it comes to creating content. One of the tough things about being a YouTuber is the fact that there are so many details that go into your production. Here are some extra links that can help you when filming, screen recording, and the whole process.

A few tips I would like to add are as follows:

  • Remember that if you are talking during your screen recording, you don’t have to have your audio/dialogue perfect as you are recording your screen. You can record your screen and audio at different times so you can focus on one task at a time. Then in editing, you can line the audio and video back together. 
  • Always test your audio before recording your “final take.” It could be a huge waste of time for you to get your whole voice over completed only to learn that the audio was too loud and overloading or something was wrong. 
  • When testing your audio, remember to speak the same volume that you plan on speaking your dialogue. Don’t talk louder or softer than what you naturally will do during your videos.
  • I recommend leaving yourself notes with your voice while you are filming. For example, say you are vlogging and you want to remember to do a certain editing trick or capture a certain angle, you can remind yourself on camera and just simply cut out the audio after you have used your notes.

I will share with you many links on having a good setup for YouTube in our Extra Resources lesson. These videos will cover many good products at an affordable cost that will take your videos to the next level.

Screen Recording Tips

When trying to record your screen, here are some helpful videos to make the process easier.


This Lesson we want to plan our first video and then begin filming it!