Lesson 1 | Intro to Comic Book
Lesson 2 | Tools
Lesson 3 | Character Creation
Lesson 4 | Learning The Parts of The Comic Book
Lesson 5 | Story Thumbnails and Outline
Lesson 6 | Drawing your Comic - The Inside
Lesson 7 | Drawing your Comic- Continued

Let’s Get Started!

Welcome to Comic Book Creation. Your first step to mastering the sequential arts (a fancy term for comic books). Are you here to tell stories of heroics beyond imagination? Will your art alone whisk your readers away to adventure? There is no limit to your imagination, so now you are free to create a whole different universe to your liking. A universe of superheroes can motivate, or a more down-to-earth drama may inspire.

Gather your tools and dreams, and be ready to create your new world.
We’ll work together to build a comic book while learning its basic structure. You are free to imagine the story you would like to draw within the pages of the comic book. At the end of our course, you will have your story drawn out with art and word balloons to take us on our greatest adventure. Does your story end on a cliffhanger? Will you leave your readers hungry for more?

Now, get ready to draw.

Under the Materials tab on the main Course Page, there is a list of recommended supplies for our course, as well as templates for you to use in your comic book!

What to expect:


  • Get to know our cours e
  • Learn the basics of Comic Books and how we will make our own!
  • Get inspired to start developing your story!
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