Let’s Get Started!

Hello Creators! Welcome to our Comic Book Creation Camp! This summer camp will let you create your own comic book alongside other artists with the help of an online instructor. Write, draw, and build your own universe. Learn about the parts of the comic. 

Under the Materials tab on the main Course Page, there is a list of recommended supplies for our camp, as well as templates for you to use in your comic book!

What to expect on Zoom: Today we will spend time introducing the camp as well as getting familiar with our LearnDash Course page! Every day we will have time to share our comic book and give each other feedback. Today we will…


  • Get to know our course and fellow students
  • Learn the basics of Comic Books and how we will make our own!
  • Get inspired to start developing your story!


Our first challenge is…


We hope you had a great day! Here’s a sneak peak of what we will be learning tomorrow:

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