NXT Challenges | Week 1

Congrats! You just finished your first classroom session! So, are you ready for your first set of challenges? I am! Just a reminder to take pictures and videos of your completed challenges so you can submit them!

  1. Build Your Robot: Using your NXT instruction booklet or your NXT programming software, build your first robot and all of the attachments!
  2. Fly your Flag: Using pieces from your NXT kits, make and attach a flag to your robot. It can be whatever you want it to be!
  3. Start Programming: Using your NXT programming software, complete steps 1 – 10
  4. Your Personal Goal: What is your goal for this class? What do you want to learn so you can build it? Record a video of you explaining your personal goal and send it to me!

Once you’ve completed all of your challenges, make sure to upload them and submit them! I look forward to seeing your flags, the progress you’ve made on your robots, and what you want to accomplish!