Premiere & Marketing – Show It!


Your film is done. Now what? It’s time to get it out there to the world. Sure, you could put away for good, and move on to your next film, or you can build your fanbase so that when you push your next film out there, you’ll automatically have people who will want to see your next film.

Create yourself a good movie poster by using software such as Photoshop or Gimp. Otherwise, there’s a great app called, “Snap Seed” where you can add FX, text, etc on your mobile device. Create flyers, printouts or even a digital photo that you could email to family and friends. Or, if you know someone capable of creating these assets, hire them or swap your services for exchange of work.

Festivals and Afterlife

Once your film is ready you can create an account on a platform called, “Film Freeway”. This allows you to upload your project and compile all your assets in one location. From here, you can browse thousands of film festivals all over the world. Some of them have entry fees, and some are very specific on what they are looking for.

Would you upload your sci-fi post-apocalyptic movie to a festival that solely pertains to activists trying to save the planet? No, you wouldn’t. So, be picky about where you send the film. Many of the bigger festivals charge an entry fee but your film must be really something special for them to even consider it. So unless you like making donations, go right ahead.

Film Freeway is also a great place to find festivals in order to make a specific movie. One festival maybe looking for films under 3 minutes in length and must have a certain subject matter. This is a great way to go back to square one and create your next movie specifically for this festival.

Critical Film Reviews and Moving Forward!

Not everyone is going to like your film. Not everyone will agree with your creative choices. But that’s OK.

We make movies to make more movies and much like any mastered craft, the more we do, the better we become. Read more scripts, watch more movies, learn every aspect of filmmaking, and eventually, your passion will fall into place.

Perhaps you love the idea of operating a camera and lighting a scene. Maybe you love to hold a boom audio mic and your goal is to get the best sound possible on a project. Maybe your passion is to be a producer where you find the best cast and crew for a project and you oversee a film from Start To Finish. Maybe you love it all. And if you do, don’t let anyone stop you from making what you love. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

I hope you enjoyed this course and walk away with a few golden nuggets. Thank you for spending your time with me.

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