Scene Practice

Hello Actors! Welcome to our Acting 101 Summer Camp! Yesterday we were assigned scenes by the teacher and given simple character sheets to work on. Today we will go over our two scenes, talking about blocking and the character work.

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What to expect on Zoom: Every day we will work on scenes and techniques that we will perform during our last class together. Today we will work on blocking our scenes and begin memorizing our scripts!


  • Understand what the word “blocking” means
  • Complete the blocking for our two scenes

Today’s Challenge

Try to memorize lines. This is called being “off book”, and it means you don’t need the script anymore. It is much more fun and effective for actors to perform when they are “off book”. Returning tomorrow with your lines and blocking memorized earns 10 Points!

Preparing for Tomorrow

We hope you had a great day! Here’s a sneak peak of what we will be learning tomorrow: We will put the finishing touches on our scenes and talk about how to incorporate props and costumes.