The Art

Hello Creators! Welcome back to our Comic Book Creation Camp!

Under the Materials tab on the main Course Page, there is a list of recommended supplies for our camp, as well as templates for you to use in your comic book!

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What to expect on Zoom: Every day we will have time to share our comic book and give each other feedback. Today we will be working on the art for our comic.


  • Start sketching each panel and laying out the story
  • Understand difference between Thought Bubbles, Speech Bubbles, and Action Panels. Understand how to use each most effectively


Let’s start drawing! Begin sketching out your comic book!

Thought bubbles, speech bubbles, action panels. Does a character need speech and thought bubbles or could they communicate their actions by drawing and form alone?

Continue drawing your comics and refine your sketches.

Start coloring if you are ready.

Decide what kind of coloring you will choose for your comic book: Pencil? Pens? Watercolors or Paints?


We hope you had a great day! Here’s a sneak peak of what we will be learning tomorrow: