Upload Your Final Video!

Hello U-Tubers! In this Lesson, we will be finishing up our journey into the world of YouTube! We’ve done some great work filming and editing our video, and today’s the day we will upload our first official video!

What to expect from this Lesson: We will be uploading our final video to YouTube! We will have an awesome showcase checking out everyone’s videos and giving each other some encouraging feedback! Take a look at the Showcase page for more details on what we will be doing and discussing during our Showcase!


  • Upload our final video!
  • Showcase what we have learned!

How to Upload to YouTube

Log in to YouTube studio control panel. Click the “Create” button in the top right. Then hit, “Upload Videos”. From here, simply drag your completed video video (or if on a device, browse to the clip you want to upload.)

Your video will be uploaded and is converting the video to go live.

While it is uploading you have the ability to give the video title, a description, and other visibility options. (public, private, unlisted)

Wrapping Up

Thanks for joining us for our U-Tubers Unite Course! We’ve had so much fun learning more about YouTube and getting our feet wet as we start our channels! We hope your YouTube journey is exciting and you have found the resources you need in order to succeed!