Wheel & Axle

Hello Engineers! Welcome to our LEGO® Maker Simple Machines Camp! For this camp we will be building with the Motorized Simple Machines Kit from LEGO® Education, and learn about the different simple machines we can find in engineering! These are the building blocks for any form of engineering, and we will learn the importance of each one!

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What to expect on Zoom: Today we will be introducing our course, as well as how Zoom and LearnDash work! Every day we will have time to share our builds and give each other feedback. Today we will hop right into building, while focusing one how the Wheel & Axle impacts our engineering!


  • Understand basics of Zoom and LearnDash
  • Complete first building challenge
  • Understand basics of a Wheel & Axle

How does a Wheel & Axle Work?


Today’s challenge is to complete your first build! How does your project utilize Wheels and Axles in order to function?


We hope you had a great day! Tomorrow we will be learning about Pulleys!