Birthday Parties!!!

Yes, we “Learn by Doing”……. Even on your birthday. Let us host a Party your Special One will Never Forget!!

Our events are filled with fun and adventure that your special birthday boy or girl will always remember!

At our parties, your child and their friends will have a BLAST as they get inspired make, play and have fun! With several themes to choose from, your guests are sure to have a great time!

-An interactive hands-on party with a difference!


  • Party’s are 3 hours in length allowing 2.5 hours for the party activity, then 30 minutes for Cake & Presents.
  • Includes Party Host
  • All Materials for the Activity
  • Tables, Chairs, Access to Kitchen (with microwave, refrigerator, and water cooler)
  • Plenty of Parking

Guest Responsibilities: 

  • Guest bring your own Cake, Plates, Utensils, and Decorations.
  • $100 Deposit (non-refundable) required to Hold the Date.
  • Additional 30 minutes of time (Max of 1 hour) $50
  • Each additional guest $25 each
  • Themed goodies bags for guests $8 each
  • Photobooth $125
  • Professional Designed 8 inch 1 Tier themed cake $100
  • Professional Designed 9 inch 2 Tier themed cake $175

Book a Party to hold at YOUR House, and let ESTEAM Learning Labs bring the fun. Additional Travel Charge of $125 will be added to your total party package. (Please note parties require a large space that can get messy)

** Want to customize your very own special event. We can do that too!! Just contact us and let us know what you would like to do….chances are, we can make it happen.




  • Our Party Host will walk the Birthday Guest and their Friends thru developing a story , creation of storyboards, characters & set, and finally filming the scenes. Then they add a little sound, voice, and music to complete their Master Piece. When it is all said and done, you will have a short movie to share with friends & family, along with memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Up to 14 Guest
  • Ages 6 – 14

EXTREME LEGO® Lovers Birthday Party Package


  • Our Party Host will set up multiple stations for guest to explore and experience as they choose. This is every LEGO® Lovers Dream and the ultimate LEGO® experience!
  • You party includes:
    • LEGO® Movie Making
    • LEGO® Battle Bots
    • LEGO® Master Builders
    • LEGO® Machines
    • LEGO® Games
    • LEGO® Art
  • Up to 30 Guest
  • Ages 4 – 14

Nothing but FUN, LAUGHTER, and LEGO® BRICKS!!



  • Our party host will inspire the birthday guest and their friends to build and redesign a battle bot.  Working in teams the party-goers will build a robotic remote control, practice to control there bot and learn new ways to gain the mechanical advantages needed to win in the battle bot arena. 
  • Teams will battle out over several rounds and trophies are given to the top 3 teams
  • Up to 16 Guest
  • Ages 9 and 14

Cosplay Creations  / Make-Up & Costume Design Birthday Party Package


  • Our Party Host will guide the Birthday Guest and their Friends thru the makeup design layout, and select pieces from the wardrobe closet to complete bringing the character to life.
  • We top it off with a Photo Shoot to forever capture the Magic Moments. ( ** Guest are welcome to bring their own “special” wardrobe or prop pieces for that extra personal stamp on their creation)
  • Choose between one of these party THEMES – Star Wars, Fairy Kingdom, Plants vs Zombies, Pirates, Alice in Wonderland.
  • Up to 8 guest
  • Ages 9 and up



  • Our Party Host will create a murder mystery party game to remember.
  • We provide all of the materials you need to throw the perfect party and solve the mystery with your friends.
  • Our murder mystery party game is tailored specifically for kids with an age-appropriate mystery.
  • Up to 18 guest
  • Ages 9 – 18
  • Approx 4 hours



  • Step into a Virtual Reality Experience. 
  • HTC Vive (1 headset)
  • 5 Core Games (Hand-Picked by kids) (OR over 30 to choose from)
  • Coming Soon…
Ready to have fun?

Join US!