01. Get To Know Your Tools: Challenge: Install DaVinci Resolve

Your challenge for this part of the lesson is to Install OBS/DaVinci

Installing OBS:

First when installing OBS you need to go to the OBS Website, Once you’re at this website click download, you might be on MAC or PC so if you are on MAC click the button that says MacOs and if you’re on PC just click Windows. Once you installed the program you can go into your files and click >Downloads wherever that is and click the OBS program and icon, this will bring you to the setup and you can put in all the personal necessary details into that. Once you have that click install then you will have OBS installed. For mac instead of going into your >Downloads you can just click the file at the bottom of the google screen.

Installing DaVinci Resolve:

Now to get DaVinci Resolve your going to need to go to the DaVinci Website, and click the big Download Button, once you have the program installed you can see at the bottom of google the file of DaVinci, once it’s done installing just click that file and it will open the personal details area, your going to have to put all that in. Once all of that is done you just need to click install and it will install. Once it’s installed it will open and ask you what style of Editing you want to use, in this tutorial we are going to use DaVinci‚Äôs Custom Style.