05. Challenge

Here is a list of content that you can start making.

  1. Gaming: in gaming video you film yourself playing a game usually comentaring on every move.
  2. Vlog: Vlogging is when you film yourself with a camera doing stuff in the real world, like doing random fun crap, skateboarding, or anything else that is interesting to your audience.
  3. Tutorial videos: in Tutorial videos you teach people on how to do something that you enjoy.
  4. Unboxing videos: Unboxing videos is a type of video that showcases items inside of a package or other holding item.
  5. Toy videos: Toy Videos is when you have a toy or action figure and either showcases it or play with it.
  6. Animation: Animation is a type of video when you have a character moving on a drawn screen, usually doing something or telling you something.
  7. Etc.