Step 1: Think of an idea

It’s time to brainstorm, think of as many ideas as you want, write them down and find the one that makes you smile!

Step 2: Create a character and a setting

Where will your story be set (take place), and who are your characters? Will it be a child, an animal, or possibly an inanimate object such as a stone or house? Will your story be set in the forest, desert, a lab, or outer space?

Step 3: The Beginning

All good stories have a beginning, middle, and an end. Where does your story start?

Step 4: The Conflict

A story with no conflict can be rather dull. Find something that will cause some conflict between characters, or an obstacle they must overcome.

Step 5: The Turning Point

The turning point is usually in the middle of your story, and will help to make your movie interesting. It can be a eureka moment (a time where a character discovers a hidden superpower), or a surprise that throws the whole story into a spin.

Step 6: The Resolution

A good story doesn’t finish without a final resolution. How will your character work through their challenges?

Step 7: The End

How will your story end? Happy? Sad? Cliffhanger?
You choose and have fun!