Obj. 3:  Make a Message (125 Frames).
Create a stop-motion movie of a message designed with LEGO Bricks. Your message can be anything you would like, but it must have at least 125 frames (pictures).

Check out this example: MAKE A MESSAGE
Standards of Excellence
7 – 9 Frames per second
Save your Movie:        Your Movie Name  by___________________
Small Movements
Smooth movements
Opening Title
Closing Credits
Minimum Frames: 125

Begin each challenge with this guide:

What is Stop-Motion? The process of photographing each step of an action and playing the photographs in order as a movie. 
Access your iPad in order to use the special app, ‘Stop Motion Studio’, to make your movie.

Pressing icons will turn on specific tasks in the app. 
Such as starting a ‘New Movie’.

The iPad will act as your camera. Where is the camera located on the iPad? Are there any tools to help keep your camera still? 

Once your Lego stacks are centered on your iPad screen, you may begin with making your movie by taking the first photograph. 

A blurry photo can be fixed by tapping on your subject on the screen.

Move your Lego around one stud (bump) at a time. Take photos along the way. Every photo you take is turned into a frame and collected in order called a timeline. 

Press the play icon to see your movie. How many frames do you have?

Locate and tap the exit icon to leave the movie.  Tap the title to change it. Rename the title with your first name. You are now done with the challenge. Enjoy your movie!!!