Lesson 1 | Intro to Comic Book
Lesson 2 | Tools
Lesson 3 | Character Creation
Lesson 4 | Learning The Parts of The Comic Book
Lesson 5 | Story Thumbnails and Outline
Lesson 6 | Drawing your Comic - The Inside
Lesson 7 | Drawing your Comic- Continued

Helpful Resources

Guide Dan has put together a great video on how to create your first comic book. Click the link below to view the instructional video:

Comic Book Folding Template:

All you need is a piece of printer paper and by using Guide Dan’s video above you can fold your paper. If you need to download and print a guide, click the link below:



To begin, download this sheet and print it out. If you do not have access to a printer, you can view this online and draw simple boxes on a blank piece of printer or notebook paper/sketchpad. This is where you will begin drawing out your ideas for your Hero and Villian as well as a basic story outline.


In the next lesson, we will continue developing our story! Be sure to write down any ideas you may have and put a date next to it. You never know when you will want to come back and reference your time and day of your next greats story!