Lesson 1 | Intro to Comic Book
Lesson 2 | Tools
Lesson 3 | Character Creation
Lesson 4 | Learning The Parts of The Comic Book
Lesson 5 | Story Thumbnails and Outline
Lesson 6 | Drawing your Comic - The Inside
Lesson 7 | Drawing your Comic- Continued

Meet the Instructor

Welcome, fellow creators!

I am Mr. Dan, your Comic Book Creation instructor. My purpose here is to bring you a fun challenge of creating a comic book to tell stories from your wildest imagination. I once challenged myself to understand the knowledge of creating a comic book. What does it take to create characters and imitate your amazing ideas into an art form?

I discovered that creating a comic book takes more than practicing fun art work. It involved using computers and printers to put it all together. Also, there was a lot of studying old and new art, and many years of drawing practice. It took years of working with different ways of drawing what I love for making a comic book. To add to all of that, I also have collected comic books for almost 40 years, and have built my own library of hundreds of books from Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse, and so many more.

So, I spent those years learning how to assemble books from scratch, without a lot of big fancy equipment. I then help others build their own books. Their new books could then be shared with the rest of the world. When I practiced my art, I did so through years in school and college. I then became more confident in what I could draw. In between all of that, I have read some of the most amazing superhero stories to ever be published.

Some of those stories have been retold in movies you may have seen recently. All of my education helped me develop a course for art students to challenge them in the same way I was. I’m happy to be here as your guide on this adventure. With all that said, get your pencils sharpened and get ready to create with me.

All the best,
Mr. Dan