Artists of Your Choosing

  1. Look up 3 different artists on the internet.  
    • Discover their Dates
      • Their Birth and Death Dates
      • Their Years Active as Artist
    • Use Their Dates
      • What was happening in their country during their life and time productive as an artist?
      • What was happening throughout the world?
  2. Make a Brief Film of You
    • Drawing in your sketchbook in the style of the Artist Studied
    • Speak about what you have learned while studying the artist while you draw
      • what style did they create within?
      • Were there other artists in different mediums producing similar work; even though in different mediums?
      • Looking back into their time, can you understand why they were creating, what they were creating?
  3. If initially, you did not find an art form inspiring, has learning about it from multiple angles raised your appreciation for it?
    • May a raised appreciation also turn dislike into like?
  4. Write down your responses to all these questions, and be ready speak on them in the next classroom/Zoom
  5. meeting.