Claude Monet

  1. After reading through this entire challenge, so you know what to expect, watch this video on Monet –  (By the way, a single Monet Painting just sold for $110 Million Dollars)
    • Watch the first 15 minutes of the video with absolutely nothing in your hands
      • Allow yourself to get engrossed in the story with zero distraction.
    • 15 minutes into the Documentary, pick up your sketchbook
      • Set a 15 minute countdown timer so you will know when it is time to move onto your sketchbook.
    • Continue to watch and pay attention to the history of the artist while you draw
    • Stay with the Documentary, Pay Attention to the Video first and foremost
      • Draw, but allow it to sort of happen in the background while you really focus on the film.
        • Pay attention to your drawing, BUT, focus MORE on the video information and visuals being presented
          • Draw/Create.  Draw whatever you wish in any style you wish, while you listen and focus on the documentary, draw something in this moment that you really want to draw.  Do something you think is going to be fun and you’ll be proud of when complete.