K-10 summer camp and high school class instructors teach one or more programs throughout the summer season, depending on their interests and availability. Instructors deliver programs that have already been developed and tested, if they are interested in a specific ESTEAM-related topic, they may work together with the Curriculum Development team to develop a new program. Instructors are paid $20 per hour of instructional contact time and may receive additional compensation for curriculum development, if applicable. If you’re interested in teaching a summer program, 

Out of School Time Instructors

Throughout the school year, ESTEAM Learning Labs operates a variety of afterschool, district day-off, weekend, holiday and homeschool classes. Instructors teach classes that have been taught previously in various settings, containing tried and true activities that past students have tested and approved. Afterschool and homeschool classes typically fall into a single day/multi-week format, lasting approximately 2 hours per session. District day-off and holiday programs are primarily single-day, full-day programs. If you’re interested in teaching for an Out of School Time program.

School and Teacher Programs Instructors

ESTEAM Learning Labs and Teacher Programs include hour-long programs for K-12 classrooms, libraries and events and full-day ESTEAM immersion programs for 1-3 classrooms. These programs serve schools, districts, teachers and libraries throughout the Austin Metro Area and various rural locations throughout the state. If you’re interested in teaching for School and Teacher Programs.