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In this 2 Week’s Camp Series, students will learn the art of filmmaking from Script to Screen. This summer students will work on pre-production (screenwriting, gear, and story-telling), to production (filming) ending with post-production (editing, music, sound design, delivery). 

Final projects will be available for screening via the ESTEAM Learning Labs YouTube Channel and in the Student Films Section below. 

Hope to see you on set!!!!


Campers learn to design and build their own motorized battle robots. Using principles of simple and complex machines, gearing, and mechanical advantage, students will try to flip, push, or smash their opponent’s battle robot. Students learn the use of mechanical lifts, drills, ramps and more to disable or overcome other bots.  Students will build and program a LEGO® Mindstorms robots to compete in the BattleBot championship! The robots will battle “to the death”, and the designers of the “last robot standing” for each round will be the winners. 


Young Engineers are given age-appropriate LEGO® lessons, games, and LEGO® sets with plenty of instructions to help with building.

Concepts of simple machines such as gears, pulleys, levers, and wheels are introduced through a series of activity-card LEGO® building projects. With the use of motors and electrical controls, the models come alive right before their eyes!

We focus on creating a fun, friendly, and caring environment for our youngest LEGO® builders!


Join our talented team of Graphic Artists, Game enthusiasts, & Comic Book Gurus to create your very own Heroes of Legend! In this 1 Week’s Camp Students will explore the history and lore of traditional comic books. They will then create their own heroes and tell their unique stories. This class will be a combination of writing and drawing and challenge the Students to share their vision thru both words and images.


This is every LEGO® lover DREAM Camp! 5 STEAM camps in 1 that includes:

LEGO® Science: Simple & Amazing Machines
LEGO® Technology: Movie Making
LEGO® Engineering: Robotics & Programming
LEGO® Art: Mosaic, Story Tellers & Maker Space
LEGO® Math: Math Games & Master Builders


For our advancing robot engineers join the elite group of recruits to become a spy-in-training. Agents in training will receive their super-secret mission during each camp and then learn to build and code a robot that will have to move through obstacles to retrieve top-secret documents. They will be challenged to incorporate technology concepts, engineering principles, and programming, while using the LEGO© ® Mindstorms NXT robotics & EV3 Construction Kits Campers will learn how to break or make codes, learn coding, surveillance techniques, critical thinking, and solve logic puzzles.  Each camp has new missions!


Students will focus Digital Art and we equip students with a comfortable, outside-the-box, environment to focus on what inspires them most. Our mission is to provide fundamental and advanced disciplines as it applies to today’s standards. We motivate our young creatives to set new paths for greater possibilities by building personal portfolios to take home at the end of the week. Join us this summer to see how their new path unfolds.


Students work in pairs to create a short story, draw it out, and build it with LEGO® Bricks, and then they bring it to life on film. Each session students will create their very own movie, complete with sound effects & even music. A copy of all projects will be provided via a screening link from the ESTEAM Learning Labs YouTube page for screening purposes.



Gamers and Makers Unite!  We have two themes to choose form!

 Short Form Content Creation is where it is at!! Students will spend the week creating short form content; game play commentary, lifestyle shows, product reviews, current events, etc…. Once the footage has been captured, students will work together to edit and deliver the footage in an exciting show format that excites and captivates their audience. Any up and coming You-Tuber will love this crash course in content creation! Final projects will be available for screening via the ESTEAM Learning Labs YouTube Channel.


We combine Entrepreneurship, Art, Game Play, Technology & FUN and our campers LOVE IT! This camp will challenge and inspire your child to see the world in different ways, primarily 3 dimensional! Throughout the week, students will play many different types of board games then work in teams to design a Board Game, complete with rules of engagement and then pitch that board game to a panel of Local Board Game Geeks in hopes that their game will be chosen and receive seed money to continue with the dream of creating their own Board Game! 


These camps are perfect for our young Hero’s ages 5-8

Each week campers will explore a different Themed Camp and through different hands-on, project-based activities; including art, music, science experiments, maker projects, crafts, LEGO® robotics, movie-making & more!

Campers LEARN all about the world around them and not to mention, have a whole bunch of FUN! Half-Day and Full-Day Camp Options Available.


This hands-on camp will encourage students to reuse and re-purpose everyday items around them to help bring their favorite character life. They will design a costume, props and makeup, and then use pieces from their own wardrobe, combined with our Costume & Props Closet and Beauty Box to bring their vision to life. Our instructors will lead them through the alteration and design process. Once their creation is complete, students will have a photo shoot dressed as their character or with their prop. 


For our advancing robot engineers’ this camp incorporates technology concepts, engineering principles, programming, and imagination. Students will build robots, simple machines, and LEGO© ® Brick creations and learn about science concepts all while having fun. They will be challenged with the LEGO© ® Mindstorms NXT robotics program & EV3 Construction Kits where they will build and program their own robotic creations!

Campers travel to the edge of the universe on a mission to make a distant planet habitable for humans. Students will build robots, learn to program, tackle challenges, and hone their robotics and project-planning skills. Science factoids are interspersed throughout, accompanying engineering design activities tied into space exploration.


This fun, interactive, project-oriented forensic science course is designed to engage students in this truly fascinating area of science!

In Forensics Lab, campers will learn about investigative techniques and use chemistry, molecular biology, and physics to explore mysteries throughout the week. They’ll learn how forensic experts use science to discover the hidden clues left behind at crime scenes and how that helps investigators solve difficult cases. 

Jr. Detectives will become immersed in roles as crime scene investigators as they work together examining and analyzing evidence needed to solve the mystery of WHO DID IT!


Join our Team of Industry Professionals while we make Movie Special FX accessible and fun! In this 1 Week Camp Series Students will engage in hands-on Practical Science Demonstrations. From Glowing Slime to Dry Ice FX, they will get to learn how to make simple Special FX, while exploring the Science behind each project.ors solve difficult cases. 



Video Production Camp is a hands-on, fast-paced program that allows students to work directly with professionals in the field of industrial film and video production. Campers produce, direct, light, shoot, and edit like experts as they create content for that week’s camp.

You will start with the pre-production process, outlining your ideas, creating a resources list, and crafting your story and objectives. Then dive straight into creating content for your video and learn how to edit.  Campers will collaborate on ways to market and promote their channel as well as how to build an audience for your masterful creation.

Ready to have fun?